Gaze into the eyes of Christ…

We are all on a journey to somewhere. There are many ways to go and many paths we can choose. Some of us discover along the way  that we have been on a journey toward living for God. Maybe you have already made this discovery or maybe you are still exploring and simply in search of beautiful things.

Perhaps the beauty you see before you is the face of God. If you have experienced Christ, then you have experienced the Father, and you have come to know God.

The face of God is most beautiful and glorious because it is the perfect face. God wants you to know this beauty and share in this glory. Jesus became human so that humans might know God. As a child of God, you are lovingly invited to gaze into the eyes of Christ.

Just as you would gaze into the eyes of your lover, lost in silence, savoring the sweet intimacy, delighting in their unassuming presence, you may also gaze into the eyes of your beloved, Christ. A bond of oneness will grow between you and God in intimate contemplation, where lovers commune.

With the passing of time, two grow together in spiritual similarity and personal expression. In this sacred space, you become more and more like your beloved Christ and enter into the union of his love. Such is the heart of your spiritual growth, becoming one with God.

Living for God is like that.  We enter into a sacred space with Jesus where he dwells with his Father. We find a quiet place, just right for intimate time alone with God. We carry the love of Christ wherever we go. Living for God is unlike living for anyone or anything else.

The journey of Living for God opens an all-consuming longing for God in the heart of any seeker who chooses the mystical way. A powerful love for Christ grows out of your heartfelt longing. It is a gift from God to feel this kind of love toward him. Your love for God grows within you as God grows within you through the workings of the Holy Spirit. God gives you the desires of your heart.

Calvin Wulf is the human voice of Living for God™. A lover of Jesus, he is a gifted spiritual director, writer, and retreat leader. He is also a vowed Oblate of the contemplative monastic order of Julian of Norwich. Calvin lives in Colorado with his wife Lisa.

Maybe you have noticed with married couples, how the two grow more and more alike with the passage of time and the deepening of their intimacy. The two become one. The longer any seeker dwells in Christ, the more they will become like him until the two become one.

Why not take some time to gaze into the eyes of Christ until you find yourself looking back? Try Living for God.