A CLEAR GOAL – by Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Growth

A clear goal for every Christian disciple would be to live a life pleasing to God. Basil the Great, a Christian sage who lived in Caesarea of Cappadocia during the 4th century, taught that a life lived keeping the commandments of loving God and neighbor is a life that pleases God. These commands are at the heart of Basil’s spirituality in Christ.

Living a life pleasing to God, once again, requires effort to keep the heart and mind undistracted. Basil says, “We cannot succeed in keeping any commandment at all… if our minds are wondering in one direction, now in another.” His idea was to maintain an interior withdrawal from the world to avoid the distractions that surrounded him.

Our present 24/7 media age offers far more distractions than Basil could have imagined. Therefore our efforts must be even greater. The ancient spiritual disciplines are useful in such training. Do you love Jesus more than the distractions of the world?

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