A GENTLE GUIDE – by Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Formation~

Spiritual Formation - A Gentle Guide

Living out the Christian life isn’t easy. No wonder Isaiah describes a person despised and rejected who knows sorrows and sufferings. Finding our own way can be a challenge. We need a skilled spiritual guide to lead us along the path toward Christlikeness.

Jesus is a loving shepherd and a gentle guide even when the path is hard. He leads us on paths where we could never find our way alone. The first disciples followed Jesus to become like him. They had so many mysteries to unravel. Who can we follow?

We can find guidance in a woman or a man who is both experienced and skilled with spiritual tools to help navigate the Christian way. Some are trained and gifted as spiritual directors or spiritual friends with a ministry of guiding others. These are people who reflect Christ in everyday life. Would you like a guide for your journey with Jesus?

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