A LISTENING HEART – by Calvin Wulf

christian-prayer-silence-contemplation-a-listening-heartI have heard the beating of my own heart in times of deep silence. The heart has a still small voice. Then I ponder how my heart hears the still small voice of God.

Silence is the key to a listening heart that discerns the divine voice. King David expressed this he affirms, “I was silent and still, and my heart became hot within me.” The voice of God burns with fire.

Contemplation opens spiritual eyes to behold God and welcomes the fullness of his presence into our hearts. The heart hears in the Spirit what human flesh is unable to comprehend. A listening heart grows in understanding and the love of God.

The voice of God dwells in the heart of everyone who believes Jesus. Is your heart able to hear it, or are you drowning out God’s voice with all your noise? Let your heart hear. Be still and know God.

TAGS: Christian Prayer, Silence and Solitude, Contemplative Prayer

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