A LONELY TREE – by Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Struggles~

Spiritual Strugges - A Solitary Tree

Even a solitary tree provides a home for a bird family and food for some squirrels. A lonely tree is also a safe place where a little boy can hide. Such a tree lived on my father’s farm.

I remember running out of the house, angry and ashamed, just to climb that tree and pass my dreary day. No on could find me there. No one came looking, even on a cold damp winter day. But, I was at least alive in that tree.

It isn’t the memories that haunt me so much as what I can’t remember. Why would a little boy stay outside in the cold rather than return to a house where there was heat? I can’t remember.

There is some hope that the Son of God hung on a tree. Yet even he knew shame and sorrow along with suffering and pain. This is the human part of our spiritual life. What will you do with the pain?

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