A LOVE JOURNEY – By Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Formation

The Christian practice of contemplation is a gateway into a love journey with God. It opens the disciple to experiences that develop love for the Lord God. Basil the Great, a Christian leader who lived in a region of Turkey during the 4th century A.D., said that keeping the first and greatest commandment requires “contemplative activity… and this activity must penetrate the spirit.”

Contemplation helps me transcend my human experiences into encounters with Divine love. In such intense intimacy with Christ, my hateful thoughts and lack of self-control give way to love and obedience to the Father. I am immersed in the one who is love and my heart is broken so that Jesus might rule within me.

Take time to master this discipline of contemplation that was practiced by prophets and apostles alike. It’s the best path I’ve found out of the kingdom of this world into the kingdom of heaven. Would that be worth your effort?

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