About Living for God™

Christian life is spiritual but not religious. We can live in the free Spirit of Jesus or we can live by the narrow rules of religion. Living for God offers guidance and inspiration for people who seek to live spiritually. Just as Jesus said, “Whatever is born of the flesh is flesh, and whatever is born of the Spirit is spirit,” anyone who is born of the Spirit must become spirit or they run the risk of becoming bound by the religious rules of humans.

You know the way. To become spirit, you will want to follow Jesus and do the things that he does. He loves his Father, he loves all people, he prays, and he goes to places where he can find solitude. These are some of the ways that you and I can become spirit like Jesus.

Love is the active energy that forms a human being into a spiritual being. God is spirit and God is love. That is why Jesus said, “People will know that you are my followers by the way you love.” Followers of Jesus will love the way Jesus loves and they have the potential for becoming spirit as God is spirit.

Living for God™ was co-founded by Calvin and Lisa Wulf in 1999 as a Christian writing and speaking ministry.Their columns and articles appeared in publications around the country and their speaking ministry reached across many denominations. Living for God™ migrated to the Internet as more and more people began to seek spiritual content online.

Eventually, Lisa established her own ministry she calls One Woman Sanctuary and has published a Christian devotional book titled, On a Quest for Christ.

Calvin continues his ministry as Living for God™ offering spiritual guidance, retreats, and has published a series of spiritual life study downloads. He also plans to write and publish books on Christian spirituality.

Calvin and Lisa Wulf are the co-founders of Living for God. Lisa is an award-winning published author of Christian devotionals. They work, write, and enjoy life together from their home in Colorado.