AWE OF GOD – by Calvin Wulf

faith-in-god-awe-of-godYou may have encountered God in an experience of awe. For me, it was a clear spring day when I was walking home from school. The sky was a cloudless blue. A tree with pink blossoms looked radiant against a sapphire sky. It seemed more beautiful than anything I could have imagined. In that moment, I became aware of God.

People experience a sense of awe through an awareness that someone or something is greater than who we are as a solitary human. The spiritual part of your being becomes excited when you realize that God is present, like a lost child who is happy to see mommy.

Your faith is strengthened by this emotional connection with God who made you and everything you see. Read and ponder Psalm 104 in evening quiet times. Become part of a Christian group that can help you explore and understand the presence of God in the midst of awe.

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