BE THE CHURCH – By Calvin Wulf

Christian Discipleship

I’m one in a growing movement of people who no longer want to merely “do” church. That means we don’t want to just go to church, do a Bible study, or do anything else on an endless list of things called church. We want to BE the Church. But how we do that requires a change in the way we read Jesus and the New Testament.

Jesus initiated the Church in his identity as the Christ, the Son of the living God. And on this rock of who he is, Jesus builds his Church. It is the name of Jesus and the reality of his identity that gives authority and authenticity to the Christian Church.

The Church is not found in buildings or bishops. We can only be the Church in the world to the extent that we become like Christ. I say, we reveal Jesus to the world when we do the things that Jesus did. What do you say?

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