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Spiritual Growth~

Spiritual Growth - Becoming

Note: This is the fourth entry in a series that begins with The Teacher followed by Believing and then, Remembering .

We become more and more of Jesus as we believe him and remember. As the Son imitates the Father, we imitate Jesus and become like him. Picture a little child watching the parents and imitating them. In human development, this process is called mirroring.

Athanasius of Alexandria , a Christian theologian writing in the 4th century observes, “[Jesus] assumed humanity so that we might become God.” We see the Father in Jesus and by imitating the Son, we become more of the Father. This Christian doctrine is called theosis .

The apostle Peter had this doctrine in mind when he wrote, “…so that you may participate in the divine nature.” (2 Peter 1:4) As Jesus taught Nicodemus, humans must have a spiritual birth in order to participate in the realm of God.

Once humanity is born again, we are able to grow into the spiritual nature of God. We become like God as we believe and remember to live out the teachings of Jesus.

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