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Spiritual Life - Believing

Believing something for the first time is a literal metanoia, or change in thinking. One moment you don’t know and the next moment you are fully aware. Believing something for the first time may even change who you are.

Nicodemus visited Jesus in the dark, though he already believed that Jesus was a teacher from God. This preeminent teacher of Israel was unable to believe what Jesus said. Unless a person lives spiritually, one cannot see the realm of God.

Human logic is a function of physical flesh, while believing is a spiritual response to Jesus. If Jesus shows you earthly things and you do not believe, how will you believe when he shows you heavenly things? That’s a problem for Christians today.

The Spirit opens human comprehension to realms that are mysterious as the wind. Human reason blinds us to the realm of God. Believing Jesus requires a profound metanoia in the way you think. Believing Jesus changes who you are.

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