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Christian Discipleship - Beloved Disciple

John is remembered as the disciple whom Jesus loved. He reclined next to Jesus at their final Passover meal. John rested his head on the breast of God and whispered a question no one else at the table could hear. What an intimate union they revealed in that moment.

A beloved disciple knows Jesus intimately and is willing to be known. Can you trust Jesus enough to be his bride; his lover? Does he trust you? John is our example of what it is to be a beloved disciple.

Love is a gift that is given freely. At the same time, love is not always received. Jesus would know you as a lover and a friend if you were willing. How would you receive him? My desire is to recline with Jesus, allowing him to receive me as a beloved disciple. I choose to learn how to love him as completely as he loves me. How far would you go with Jesus?

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