Spiritual Life

Engaging God with all my senses opens my soul to mystical encounters with Christ. I get carried off into his light as my human mind gives way to the divine presence in the Spirit. Like the apostle Paul, I become as nothing and Christ becomes all consuming.

“Just as sun, moon, or stars appear reflected in the water, I see Scripture, discourses, virtues and human actions shining in it,” describes the Christian mystic Hildegard of Bingen. Jesus is the light. Creation reflects the truth of God. I see and touch what my Father has revealed in his Son. As the Son is one with the Father, I also become one with the Son.

My heart is wounded by the purity of God’s overwhelming love. This is intimacy with Christ. The Spirit reveals divine mysteries to those who ask in faith. Would you ever desire this kind of intimacy? Open all your senses to the one who loves you perfectly.

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