COMPASSION EYES – by Calvin Wulf

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Spiritual Life - Compassion Eyes

“Lord, how can I see with greater compassion?” I asked in silent contemplation. I saw some birds eating in my backyard. I sensed the peacefulness of a dove, the colorful energy of a blue jay and the cheerful freedom of the sparrows. I grow in compassion by watching them.

“When you see these birds, you notice the unique beauty of each one with love,” answered the still small voice. Yes, that’s true. I accept the presence of each bird without judgment of identity. I don’t have any expectations for the birds except to enjoy their presence.

I wonder if Jesus had compassion on the crowds because he simply saw people and he loved each one. Maybe that’s why he enjoyed meals with prostitutes and other so called sinners. All people possess the image of God with a unique beauty. Perhaps compassion eyes simply take in the beauty and respond with love.

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