CONFLICT – by Calvin Wulf

spiritual-growth-grace-forgiveness-conflictConflict can create an opening for spiritual growth. I was reminded of this recently after a round of conflict situations. Yes, in this life there will be conflict.

As I reflected on this particular struggle, I was struck by my deep sense of love for the other person. That was a sign of Christ at work in my heart. Some of my thoughts, after all, were not very loving.

By reflecting on my unloving thoughts, I was able to see the other person more clearly. Maybe I saw the other person through the eyes of Jesus. I let that spiritual image enter my heart. I felt a sense of deep acceptance along with greater love and understanding.

It was a very simple exercise. There was no confessing or forgiving. I simply entered the presence of God where I reflected on my feelings and the other person. There was a burning in my heart as Christ was being formed in me.

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