CONTEMPLATION – by Calvin Wulf

spiritual-formation-christian-contemplationI sit in a darkened room, flickering candle, beating of my heart, breathing a gentle rhythm, silencing the world outside. “God, come to my assistance. Lord, make haste to help me,” I pray to quiet even the thoughts of my mind. I am alone with God in contemplation.

Here is the center of my mystical world. I am in Christ and he is in the Father. There is nothing to distract me from my lover’s embrace. Jesus is all I see. His love is everything I know. God’s presence and my being are one.

I am complete in the silence of my prayer, enraptured in divine love, healed under Christ’s wings, lifted into God’s divine glory. No human love is sweeter than this. I am a mortal, knowing the One immortal. I keep still and cherish the present moment of contemplation.

How deep is your desire to contemplate the only wise God?

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