DAY-BY-DAY BREAD – by Clavin Wulf

Christian Prayer~

Christian Prayer - Day by Day Bread

Give us the bread we need day-by-day. Yes, God knows our needs even before we ask. But like any loving mother or father, God delights in our asking. We also understand that we need more than bread to keep us living for God every day.

As we need bread to sustain us physically, we also need love to sustain us emotionally. Our broken hearts need healing and those who have harmed us need forgiving. As for me, I need enough patience and enough justice to carry on from day to day. I even have needs that I don’t consciously know.

Bread gives life to all of life. We eat the bread of life and receive life eternal. And God causes rain to fall on the wheat fields of the just and the unjust alike so that all might have enough bread. This is the perfect love of the Father. Pray that the hungry of the world will have day-by-day bread.

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