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Spiritual Life - Deeper Compassion

The more I interact with people, the greater my understanding and compassion. And wouldn’t you know, in a week when I had posted an entry on compassion that my own sense of empathy would be rocked. Just when I think I have learned something, Jesus shows me something deeper.

Frustrations with some face-to-face interactions and a Facebook contact, caught up with me upon reflection. I was slapped with an insight that I didn’t take time to understand the person before my inner frustration caused me to judge them. I am humbled and grieved. It isn’t enough to see with compassion eyes if I don’t listen with a compassionate ear.

Note to self, a big step toward deeper compassion is to hear and understand. It’s a basic principle for loving my neighbor. Every story is sacred. That includes social networking transactions. Listening is hard work. Understanding is compassion. Lord, help me to love enough that I will hear and understand with compassion.

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