spiritual-journey-deepest-darknessMuch courage is needed to explore the inner chambers of your soul. But in order to become a spiritual person, that journey inward is essential. One must look into their own darkness and become human so that they can comprehend the divine.

From my own inner journey, I remember a room with the door boarded shut. I was afraid to find out what was inside. The shuttered door warned me that there was much pain locked within. But Jesus is a gentle guide. He allowed me to explore other regions of my soul until I was ready to approach that awful place.

You can experience the intimate love of Jesus if only you will let him guide you to that place of deepest darkness in your soul. Chances are it will be a tearful experience. But take courage, Christ is going with you.

There is also healing and forgiveness when you realize God’s extravagant love for your humanness and your pain. Take the hand of Jesus and let him lead you into freedom. When you emerge, you’ll realize a greater love for yourself, for others, and for God.

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