DESIRE TO BELONG – by Calvin Wulf

christian-community-desire-to-belongIt is not good for any human to be alone. As we grow in stature, there also grows a desire to belong. Sometimes it’s hard to find a community or group where we feel a deep sense of belonging. Everybody seems to be living for themselves.

The spiritual soul seeks a caring community where people honestly share the joy, pain and wisdom of life. We want to discover and become who we are in dialogue with other people who sojourn along a similar pathway.

Seek out a group where you can belong and be nurtured as you explore your uniqueness in Christ. Look for people who share openly about real life struggles and joys. These are people who will accept you for who you are without pressure to be like them.

Be who you are and belong where you are loved for the person inside you. Jesus is your shepherd. Let him show the way.

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