DISCERNMENT – By Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth Discernment

A quiet mind is able to discern the thoughts of God. There is much that Wisdom wants us to know. But unless we learn to be still we will miss most of what the Father is doing.

Discernment of God’s best for you begins with a quiet mind. The first question to ask is not what should I do, but rather, what are my emotions about the situation that is presented? When you place those emotions into the hands of Christ you become free from hearing your own voice. Then you can hear the voice of your Lord. Only then are you ready to ask for guidance.

The disciple who is able to reach a quiet place is ready to receive instruction from Jesus who speaks for the Father. Put your question to him there and wait in silence until you hear him. God gives discernment in every situation. Be still and seek him.

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