EFFORT TO GROW ON – By Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth requires intentional effort across a long journey with Jesus. Some Christians say that practicing spiritual disciplines is “works,” so they don’t take them seriously. The simple truth that “salvation comes as a gift by faith” gets pushed too far sometimes when it’s applied to spiritual growth.

As Dallas Willard explains, the gospel is not opposed to human effort, but it is opposed to righteousness through our own works. The apostle Paul teaches that spiritual growth requires the same rigorous training as one who prepares for athletic competition. Yes, that’s the same Paul who writes, “You have been saved through faith.”

Don’t be fooled by easy “cheap grace” doctrines. Why not enter into the disciplines of a true disciple instead? There’s a good reason why the word discipline and disciple are so much alike. Set a goal for yourself to live a life pleasing to God.

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