EMBRACING HURT Part I – by Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Struggles~

Spiritual Struggles - Embracing Hurt -1

Life will make you hurt. From childhood traumas to yesterday’s affronts, there is more than enough pain to go around. Or, you may just have deeply unsettling feeling of floating angst. Either way, there’s no denying it. The sting is very real. Where does it come from?

Willing it to go away or praying for the pain to stop doesn’t always work so well. The anguish returns again and again until we begin to embrace its source. Look at the stark reality of the violations and accept them one-by-one. Take them inside no matter how much it hurts or how counter intuitive that may seem.

Jesus suffered great anguish when he prayed in the garden. The Father sent an angel to strengthen him for the anguish he would face. Even Jesus had to feel the hurt. You see, sparing the pain doesn’t accomplish the work of healing. I’ll offer some spiritual guidance on embracing hurt next time. For now, what is your hurt?

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