EMBRACING HURT Part II – by Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Struggles~

Spiritual Strugges - Embracing Hurt - 2

Embracing hurt is a gateway to wholeness. Integrating emotional issues produces spiritual strength and inner peace. I know first hand how tough this can be, but embracing hurt accelerates spiritual growth.

Sit in a quiet place where you feel comfortable and secure. Focus your thoughts on an emotional hurt or a painful memory. Allow yourself to remember and to feel. Remain present in the feeling until it settles into your heart.

Accept the reality of the feeling, or the memory or both. Embrace it as a real part of your life. Let go of it and embrace the love of Jesus. Breathe in deeply and breathe out the hurt slowly, again and again, until you feel it diminish inside your heart.

You may find a need to do the same exercise for the same hurt over and over. That’s OK. Deep wounds heal from the bottom up. If you embrace hurt, rather than run from it, then the peace of the Lord will follow.

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