40 Reflections to Embrace Your Inner Healing

by Lisa Aré Wulf

“For most of us, the healing journey never really ends. With a gracious traveling companion like Jesus, we can be content to continue along the healing path.” – Lisa Aré Wulf, Author

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Enfolded in God’s Arms offers forty compassionate and insightful reflections that will gently guide you into a warm spiritual embrace. Experience times of healing, transformation, and growth in a special season with Jesus. Discover new perspectives as wounds are mended and life moves forward.

  • Reflect on meditations that illuminate the love of Christ in the everyday hurts of life 
  • Find gentle scriptures, hopeful prayers, positive questions, and silent moments with God 
  • Receive thoughtful affirmation as you search for peace

Embrace your inner healing within the sacred space of your heart. Hold hands with Jesus as you contemplate this peaceful garden of comforting reflections. Allow God’s tender love to enfold you and restore the broken places of your soul.

“An empowering book, biblically grounded in God’s affirming love.”
-The Rev. Dr. Winfred Mitchell

Now on Amazon Print and Kindle