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Christian Living - Equality

Equality is a core Christian value. Whether you think community is your small group, your local church or our entire nation, just remember that Jesus says your neighbor is anyone who is in need. He on calls us to share the wealth.

Paul, the great apostle writes, “Our desire is not that others might be relieved while you are hard pressed, but that there might be equality. At the present time your plenty will supply what they need, so that in turn their plenty will supply what you need. Then there will be equality…” (2 Corinthians 8:13-14 NIV) God’s plan for all people clearly includes equality.

In Christ there is neither rich nor poor, white nor color, male nor female, because all are equal. Women have the same standing as men. Love is colorblind. The rich have a responsibility to share their wealth with the poor. This is the way any kingdom founded by God should act.

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