FLESH FOR BRAINS – by Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Life~

Spiritual Life - Flesh for Brains

Yes, the brain is flesh. The workings of the brain are physiological. That means the functions of logic and reason are works of the flesh.

God is spirit. The human person can only know God in spirit. Logic and reason are of little use when you’re in the presence of the One whose thoughts are above human comprehension.

Ancient Christian teachers describe the human capacity to know God as nous or intellect. This is where the human person is able to behold the divine God in the innermost places of the heart. It is a place of the soul where spirit interacts with spirit.

Jesus tells us, “The spirit gives life, but the flesh counts for nothing.” A spiritual person experiences God in spirit. Even Nicodemus was perplexed when Jesus said, “Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the spirit gives birth to spirit.”

You’ll need to leave logic and reason behind if you want a direct experience with God. Are you born again?

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