GOD’S LOVE – by Calvin Wulf

christian-discipleship-julian-norwich-seeking-godGod created us out of his infinite love. “And God who created humanity for love, by the same love God wished to restore humanity to the same bliss, and even more,” writes Julian of Norwich. You see, in the beginning, God created us to live at peace with God’s-self, our inner-self, all humankind, and all creation.

The Father sent Jesus into humanity to restore this four-fold peace, or bliss, which was intended for all of us from the beginning. Jesus offers abundant and lasting peace that cannot be found anywhere else.

So where does Jesus get this peace? It comes from the love of the Father. We, that is, all humankind, exist because of God’s love. We survive because of God’s love. And we can be restored to the image of Christ because of God’s love. And there is even more.

God loves you and every other human being that much. How will you respond to God’s love?

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