GROUNDED – by Calvin Wulf

spiritual-life-groundedThere is a place on your spiritual journey where you are finally grounded. This is a place of maturity in Christ. Few people, even few pastors and priests, ever reach it.

I’m talking about a place where life is lived on the plane. Faith is no longer experienced looking up to find God. You realize that Jesus is in his Father, and you are in him, and Christ is in you. Here, you look inside to find God and you express worship on the horizontal plane.

You start living on the plane when you understand God’s inner purpose for your life. Then you can live in the world around you as who he made you to be . Love for nature and love for all people sends you out in humble service.

Does that sound like a mystery? Well, it is. It is the mystery of maturity in Christ. This is how it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.

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