GROW UP – by Calvin Wulf

christian-discipleship-image-god-grow-upThe life goal of a Christian is to become more and more like Christ day by day. We want to do what Jesus did in the gospels. After all, the name Christian means a person who follows Christ and lives life his way. Have you organized your time in a way so that you can imitate Christ until you represent his divine being here on earth?

“God became human so that humans can become God,” said Athanasius of Alexandria in the 4th century. The birth of Christ made it possible for you and me to grow in the image of God as we were created. Whoever is born of the Spirit has a capacity for Christ to grow in them. Like all living beings, Jesus in you and you in Jesus need nurturing to grow.

Prayer and contemplation supply the spiritual fuel that feeds this fire of love in you. Remember that God is love. Begin to imitate Jesus by loving and blessing every person who crosses your path. Meditate on scripture and study the ancient Christian spiritual masters. Do these things until the world can see the Father’s love in your very being.

Grow up! Then you’ll be like Jesus.

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