GROWING IN FAITH – by Calvin Wulf

faith-in-god-spiritual-director-growing-in-faithThere’s a lot to learn and understand about our Christian faith. Beyond our love and awe for God in Christ, we find comfort in a community where there are people who have answers to our questions. Our faith grows as we learn from trusted friends who are more experienced in the ways of Christian faith and spiritual life.

Look around when you’re at church or in your group. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you toward a person who can be a spiritual guide for your journey. A friend like that will help your faith grow deeper and guide your progress along the spiritual path.

Such a person will help you learn more about prayer and answer personal questions about the Bible. A spiritual friend who is more experienced with Jesus will walk more than an extra mile with you. This is a person you will treasure for a lifetime.

A wise guide is more valuable than gold.

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