HEAD FASTING – by Calvin Wulf

spiritual-struggles-head-fastingFood is on my mind way too much. I imagine the next mealtime. I get hungry and start to plan what will taste good when it is finally time to eat. My Desert Father friends would call my obsession with food gluttony.

“Keep watch over yourself early in the morning, at midday, and for an hour before taking food, and you will realize the value of fasting,” wrote John Climacus in the 7th century. That is amazing wisdom from a spiritual father who knew the desert well. He pointed to all the times when we are susceptible to thinking about food.

Fasting takes away our usual meal times and frees our minds to deny the spirit of gluttony. We need a head fast as much as we need a food fast. By denying these thoughts about food, we break our passion for eating that distracts us from our passion for God.

Try a head fast next time you obsess about eating.

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