HEART’S DESIRE – by Calvin Wulf

spiritual-life-hearts-desireHow do we discern God’s desires in our hearts? Our hearts of flesh are so easily distracted by human aspirations that call to us. Spiritual discernment is found in quietly knowing God in Christ. We pray with silent lips and a quiet heart.

“Let me be alert to the yearnings you have placed within me and let me know what will truly satisfy the desires of my heart,” reads a Celtic benediction. One must be alert and attentive to the movement of the Holy Spirit. Discern between desires that will satisfy into eternity and desires that will not.

Our good Father gives good desires that will satisfy. Reflect quietly on your desires. Write down what you hear from your heart. Take time as the Holy Spirit moves mysteriously through your life. Refine your desires in the Spirit’s fire. It will be clear in time.

May God grant your heart’s desire, and fulfill all your plans.

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