spiritual-formation-hidden-with-christThose born of the Spirit have entered a new life. That is, a life in the spiritual realm. The pain of this new birth is death to self. This process may go on for many years. Are you aware of your passing?

“Realize that you have died and now the life you have is hidden with Christ in God,” writes the apostle Paul. Jesus has carried you off to his Father’s dwelling. Everything about you is being transformed. If you follow Christ, then you are consumed in God. Your identity and your entire being are assimilating into the divine being. You are becoming born again.

Since you have been taken by Christ into God, meditate on the heavenly realm. Let go of possessions, wealth and other earthly concerns. Contemplate on God and become sensitive to his overwhelming presence. Help your intellectual reality to realize your spiritual reality. Obtain the mind of Christ.

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