simplicity-holy-poverty-down-the-ladderA lifelong vow of holy poverty is just that, an emergent journey that can take a lifetime to master. Letting go of the social status and illusive emotional security of attaining the American dream can at times feel like an addict locked in detox, cold turkey.

I’m looking at down scaling my lifestyle yet another notch or two. You see, this is a season of transition into more simple housing with little or no land. Understand, I grew up surrounded by my father’s vineyards and I later succeeded in owning a home where a visitor once remarked, “Your living room is as big as my whole house!”

I come from generations of farmers who owned land and grew abundant crops. My farm used to be located on the land of corporate success, with an expansive home and property to prove it.

Like the apostle Paul, I surrendered my career and status in a loss that I count as gain for life in Christ. Now I’m letting go of even more, once again, in exchange for housing and property that will meet my needs in the next season of Christ at work in me. We are buying a modest town home in a modest part of town. I feel enthusiastic and desolate all at once. Ah, the sorrows of detachment.

god-blog-calvin-wulfCalvin Wulf is a writer, spiritual director, and retreat facilitator who lives in Colorado with his wife Lisa. He has a passion for Christian spiritual formation drawing from the ancient spiritual traditions of the Apostles, and Christian sages through the ages. He is also a vowed oblate of the contemplative monastic Order of Julian of Norwich.

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