I NEED GOD – by Calvin Wulf

faith-in-god-i-need-godHave you encountered God in a time of personal need? Maybe it was a time of loneliness, rejection or loss.

I remember a time of severe illness. I cried out, “God, I feel so helpless and so hopeless.” I was surprised to hear the voice of God reply, “You may be helpless but you are not hopeless. Put your hope in me and I will renew your strength, you will fly with wings like an eagle.”

I felt as though my life was given back to me. I felt so loved. God was with me. I knew that even if everyone else abandoned me, the Lord would not leave me.

Try to remember a time when you experienced God in the midst of your need. Then reflect on the words of Psalm 23 by reading it quietly several times. Notice what stands out for you and consider what God might be saying to you personally in this Psalm.

TAGS: Faith in God, Spiritual Struggles, Trusting God

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