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Christian Discipleship - Incarmissional

Jesus is the incarnation of God in human form. He entered into the world so that humans could see the Father. Why would our mission today be very different?

Honestly, I am excited about the missional conversation that has emerged these days. It represents a shift in paradigm from doing church to being the church on earth. And, I am happy with the lists of strategies that arise from this conversation. Being incarnational is one of my favorite strategies on the various lists.

It seems to me, that to be the church means to become Christ to people who have never experienced him. To be “incarmissional” would mean to become an incarnation of Christ on earth by becoming like him.

In the same sense that we either do church or be the church, also, we can either do Jesus or be Jesus to all people. To become Jesus sent out is to be “incarmissional.” Incarnational or missional; which one is greater?

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