INNER LIGHT – By Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Life

We are given an inner light as part of the divine image when we receive life . This light may remain dormant or even fade from neglect. But for those who pursue a deep interior experience in Christ, through spiritual struggle and contemplation, the light grows more eminent. It will eventually overwhelm the ego of self.

In Christ is life, and his life is the light of all people. I was in the spirit, when an angel guided me beyond the light of my soul into the heavenly light. The angel led me to the source of Light. It was more white and brilliant than any created thing. “Would you enter?” the angel invited. I declined, fearing that I would never want to return once I went in.

The fullness of God’s presence is accessible to anyone who is willing to enter a path of self-reflection and contemplation of God. Would you like to journey to the light that dwells within?

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