god's-peace-contemplation-contemplative-extravertI think it’s incredible that I am such and extrovert and still have such a love for contemplation. Talking with people energizes me. The Christian discipline of contemplation is not just for introverts.

Contemplation makes me feel safe. It is a quiet place where I find inner peace. I can be still and silent for an extended space of time. My soul is like a well that is dug deep with calm waters.

This is not a lonely place. It is a sanctuary where I can be alone with God. Sometimes angels take me away in the Spirit. Other times I am alone with myself on holy ground exploring the depths of my being in Christ.

I sojourn wherever the Spirit takes me. My thoughts bend to the will of God. How my heart longs to be hidden where deep calls to deep in a place where only Jesus can find me. Amen.

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