spiritual-journey-christian-life-internal-affairsPeople take pride in their successes. And rightly so. These may come through professional advances while some people take pride in being the go-to person who has all the answers. Others may find themselves as president of a civic organization or chair of their church board. But these symbols belong to an outside world and they will fade with time.

The spiritual journey beckons you to leave the external world to explore your internal affairs. Thus far in your journey, your faith has been strengthened by external symbols, that is, things you can see. But the Holy Spirit is at work inside you.

Your inner-self is the place where Christ is being formed. The journey inward involves pruning and shaping that allows you to have faith in what you cannot see. Christ dwells inside you. If you want to see him, then you need to look inside. So leave the
world outside and journey inward where you can experience true intimacy with Jesus.

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