IT’S ALL INSIDE – By Calvin Wulf

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Christian Living Its All Inside

The J. C. Penny slogan, “It’s all inside,” was at least half right. They were referring to their stores, but the spiritually mature person can only be found inside. It’s all right there and everything belongs. Looking inside is the best place to find the Christian life you always wanted.

“If you deliberately concentrate on the interior life, you will become restrained and patient, kind and humble,” wrote an ancient spiritual teacher known as Maximus the Confessor. I’d say those attributes describe Jesus pretty well. So how can we acquire them?

The ancient Christian disciplines of silence, solitude and contemplation are wonderful tools for focusing on the interior life. Jesus and the apostles practiced them and passed them along to the early Christians.

We become more like Christ by deeply cultivating the interior life. The soul begins transformation when we come to understand that it’s all inside, where Jesus lives.

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