JESUS IS REAL – By Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth Jesus is Real

Too much is made about Jesus being the truth. You can find truth in the analysis of facts. But Jesus is a person who has presence, substance and personality. He is God and he is human.

Jesus doesn’t live in your Bible. He dwells in heaven and in the hearts of people who believe that he is real. Jesus was born a human baby, grew to manhood and was killed by hateful people. God the Father restored life to his dead body and took him to heaven.

After Jesus was restored to life, his first followers saw him, and talked with him, and touched him, and so have I. You can learn how to see Jesus, and you can talk with him, and you can touch him. You can experience him in this life. But first, you have to let him out of your Bible and treat him like a real person. Now what will you do about Jesus?

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