JESUS LOVES – by Calvin Wulf

spiritual-formation-jesus-lovesJesus loves; from the ages of ages to the ages of ages. The love of Christ extends to all that is, both created and uncreated, and both seen and unseen. Jesus loves the Father the same as he loves angels and all humanity. Jesus loves.

Since Jesus is completely God and completely human, he gives the capacity for humanity to become completely human and completely God so that we may completely love. To become Christlike is to become love.

Jesus said, “Love one another as I have loved you.” We begin by being a blessing to all that we see. We wake up and bless the place where we sleep. We go out and bless the road on which we travel. We bless the person who cuts us off. When we are able to bless all that is, then we begin to completely love.

Be a blessing to all who you see and all who see you.

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