JESUS MEANS LOVE – by Calvin Wulf

faith-in-god-jesus-means-love“His meaning was love,” said Julian of Norwich about Jesus. Julian was a significant Christian mystic who lived in England during the 14th century. She is best remembered for writing, “Sixteen Revelations of Divine Love.”

Knowing that his meaning was love is comforting to me. I can know Jesus as love. It was for love that Jesus birthed creation. It was for love that Jesus was birthed as a human even though he was completely God. It was for love that Jesus submitted to death on a cross. It was for love that Jesus has visited me since I was a little child.

“His meaning was love.” Every teaching, every miracle, every word he spoke was meant to convey the love of his Father for all people. Yes, Jesus as God is love. His love, still at work in me, is my greatest hope of knowing the joy of the Lord. My hope is in his meaning, that is, love.

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