To know God is to love God. How could there be any other response to God who is perfect love? And please be assured that I mean “love” in the gushy romantic sense.

We can know a fish in the scientific sense. The fish can be measured. We can dissect the fish and examine its organs. The skeleton of that fish can be diagrammed and analyzed. But this kind of knowing imparts no sense of love whatsoever. You just get a cold fish.

If God has any chance at becoming the lover of your soul, then you must engage God in a dance of courtship. Get to know God as a living being who has an identity and a personality. Behold God and become enraptured. Let yourself be known in return. Indeed, get naked with God.

God deeply desires a romantic embrace with every human being. God doesn’t need analysis. Let God be your lover and enjoy an eternity of romantic bliss!

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