“Come to the Sanctuary, a place of inner peace and sacred space as you journey with Christ. Savor a quiet rest along your sometimes stressed and anxious path. Enter a personal space where you are free to be still and know God.” -Author, Lisa Are Wulf (Tap the image to enter the Sanctuary.)


Calvin and Lisa Wulf co-founded the ministry of Living for God in 1999. Together they syndicated a monthly column and presented workshops on Christian spirituality for publications and churches across the country. Called to the full body of Christ, they have spoken to churches and groups across the denominational spectrum.
A uniquely creative and authentic communicator, Lisa Are Wulf has spoken to women’s groups in small towns and major cities from coast to coast sharing personal stories from her own spiritual journey.

Lisa has since formed her own ministry that she calls One Woman Sanctuary. As she says, “Any of us can become a one woman sanctuary in a personal spiritual space where we can embrace God.”

One Woman Sanctuary can help you form a sacred and sheltered space where you can follow the spiritual path of Jesus. Lisa creates a safe place to journey with Christ and consider the deep questions of our faith.

Lisa is the author of an award winning 30-day devotional titled On a Quest for Christ. She anticipates the release of her next devotional in the summer of 2016, Enfolded in God’s Arms, first in a series called Silent Moments with God.

Before entering Christian ministry, Lisa was twice elected to the Colorado Springs City Council. She is a retired CPA, former radio talk show host, was a professional orchestral musician, and presently teaches college accounting online. Lisa is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary and holds two degrees from the University of Colorado. She is also a vowed oblate of the monastic Order of Julian of Norwich.

Lisa Are Wulf, Christian devotional author.