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Spiritual Journey - Living the Life of Love

The journey inward leads us to the depths of knowing.  Beyond the bounds of the journey outward, we reach a place of unknowing. Then quietly, we slip through the narrow gate. We are surprised by living the life of love. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit dwell within us and on that day we realize that we dwell in God.

Jesus is all and is in all. Our deepest prayers become silent as Christ himself intercedes from within. We walk intimately with God and bless all that we see with his perfect love.

Self-ambition is lost. We have no interest in celebrity, success or false pretense. We are content with what we have. Even when we get angry, we still love and care for others.

Some may think we are out of touch. Others may even say, “He is crazy.” But we know who we are and we know that every bit of us belongs to Christ.

Who will seek the narrow gate?

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