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Spiritual Formation - Love Leads

Love is the preeminent trait of a true Christian leader. Some will follow out of fear, others may follow a charismatic vision but those who follow love will persevere when others drop out. Jesus came in love to reveal the love of the Father.

A reputation of love attracts those who know God and those who are far from God alike. Such a leader feels the joy and the pain of others. The leader of love is able into speak to souls in a way that encourages and heals. The image of Christ in the heart of a leader attracts followers.

When Jesus saw the crowds, he loved them. A leader of love has been transformed into the image of Christ. They have moved beyond an imitation of Christ into an incarnation of the one who is love. If you want to be a Christian leader, give up all that you know and follow Jesus. Will you answer his call?

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