MOVING IN – by Calvin Wulf

Spiritual Journey~

Spiritual Journey - Moving In

Active lifestyles and busy churches hold many Christians in constant motion. We are like nomads living in tents ready to move on with the next experience or next program. We spend great effort building on what we believe and how to live a good life. Unfortunately, concentration on these external affairs keeps us from ever quieting down and moving in.

Very few churches do anything to encourage the inner life where Jesus dwells with the Father. The spirituality of intellectual agreement and moral pursuits are poor substitutes for wholeness and intimate relationship with God. Eventually these doctrines and so-called Christian worldviews will fail to yield the fulfillment that they promise.

Wholeness and deep relationships are found in the quiet presence of God and intimate others. This part of the spiritual journey begins with introspection. We look inward into mansions of the heart. Is it time you to start moving in?

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