MY BELOVED JESUS – by Calvin Wulf

spiritual-live-my-beloved-jesusOh, how I miss you my beloved Jesus. It seems forever since I experienced your glorious manifest presence. How I long to be overwhelmed by your awesome power in the white light of your loving countenance.

My beloved God, take me up in the spirit kiss your feet at your footstool. Let me experience the overpowering fullness of your love. I am yours. Take me to your resting place, my beloved.

Until you call for me to arise with you through the veil of your glory, I will patiently wait. To know you in the beauty of holiness is far greater than the weeks and months awaiting your invitation. It is not for me to be insistent toward the Lord of Glory.

I am your humble bond slave. Let it be according to your will, my beloved Jesus.

TAGS: Spiritual Life, Christian Meditation, Contemplative Prayer

Copyright 2007-2012 Calvin R. Wulf and Lisa Are Wulf